Too much happens too fast

So yeah, it’s been awhile since Sunday’s crisis. When the tears had abated and the migraine was taking a firm hold, I decided that moving to the apartment was actually not a good idea, but I decided to sleep on it, and then the next day I drove Thing Two to Bavaria and was afk until Thursday but that’s a whole-nother story. This post is about the apartment.

I’m not taking it. It’s too much to deal with right now. Moving twice. Figuring out internet and utilities and whatever-the-hell-else. Everybody said it’d be good to have my own space to set up as I like, but the damn thing is fulla butt-ugly furniture that I can’t put in storage and anyway, setting up a whole apartment is definitely more than I can imagine myself handling right now. It’s all just. Too. Much.

The shared housing will do until I can get my feet back under me and figure out what kind of life I want, now that the life I thought I was going to have has been handed to a fluffy little side-chick. “Keep moving forward” is bad advice when you don’t know where you want to go.

I really wish I’d decided this before Mr. Husband signed the rental agreement, and I recognize that it was a very expensive mistake, but you know what? My life has taken a MAJOR FUCKING TURN WITHOUT MY CONSENT and anybody who expects me to make grown-up responsible normal-person decisions after I checked myself out of a fucking psych ward because it was too stressful and am still figuring out my meds? Deserves to lose a couple thousand bucks.

So there.

3 responses to “Too much happens too fast

  • Jonna

    Lot of emotions (naturally) and swearing, but this actually sounds like a sensible decision!

    • alala

      Thank you! I need feedback like this, because I honestly can’t tell what makes sense and what does not. Really looking forward to getting that faculty back someday.

  • Girl, Inappropriate (@akaMonty)

    I feel like you’re doing the right thing at the right moment. I mean of course the shared space isn’t perfectly ideal, but also maybe it’s best that you aren’t coping with being alone AND with setting up a new space that first has to be cleaned out. I mean why walk into an already difficult situation like that? Also FUCK THAT GUY and his rental agreement and if he has some problem you give him my number and I WILL TELL HIM HOW THE COW ATE THE FUCKING CABBAGE.
    When you’re ready to find an apartment that YOU like, that suits YOUR needs, where YOU want it to be, and at YOUR convenience…then you can think about setting it up and starting fresh.
    Ain’t no rush, missy. :D

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