Whoo, that’s a lot of dust!

Haven’t been here for what, four years? But Jenny Lawson asked me to fire up the blog again, and you don’t say no to The Bloggess.

The reasons I fell out of blogging are various. The whole thing started as a sort of letter to my mother, living in another country, and the fact that I kept it going for like nine years after her death is actually pretty impressive, for me. But my kids grew up, and protecting their privacy became important. I had a severe bout of depression, with suicidal thoughts that I didn’t admit to anyone until… (counts on fingers) about three years after it ended. Made it hard to write. No, hard to publish. I wrote a lot, I just couldn’t share it because I thought it was all utter crap. (It may have been; I was in no state to judge.) I started grad school and felt that all of my writing should be directed toward that. Just… a lot of things. A lot of reasons.

Not a lot has changed in four years. Still in grad school, starting my 8th semester of a 4-semester program. Same husband, same house, same cat, very similar job. The boys are fine, that’s all I’ll say about them, probably. Song du jour of the day fans will be chagrined to note that my taste in music has not improved.

I’m not sure what I’ll write about, but I made some really great friends through my blog, and I still have some of them. The kids today have their let’s-plays and their make-up tutorials and Ryan Gosling not eating cereal. I’m a word nerd, so flinging words out into the universe seems like a thing I should do. Or at least a thing I would do.

Song du jour of the day: From Eden. Hozier.


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