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I have lots more pictures and notes from the trip to France! I was going to cover one day of the trip per blogging-day for the next two weeks, but time keeps getting away from me. Not that I can really claim to be busy, it’s mostly Facebook and napping. Well, and cooking and cleaning. But I started a new job today! I could write about that! Tragically, I had to leave my job here in order to take this new one. It really did enjoy that job too, and I’ll miss my former co-workers, but there are rules about how many hours I can work on a certain type of contract, so something had to go. I work here now, and so far I really like it. (By “so far”, I mean that I have met my co-workers and I know where the staff fridge is and how to log in to the office email. I haven’t had any contact with actual students yet.)

Even better, I work right around the corner from DrBob now. Let the stalking begin!

Can’t blog about the kids, sorry. Something about privacy, blah blah whatever. I think I can say that Ignatz is in his final year of high school (proud mama!) but that’s it.

The cat gets her own entry. Stay tuned.

Song du jour of the day: Ooo, today YouTube reminded me that I really like Crossroad, by Tracy Chapman.


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