about a kitty

I’ve been collecting pictures for months, planning to update y’all on how Miss Lilu has adapted to life in Heidelberg. Don’t know why it took so long to get around to writing it… (oh who am I kidding, of course I know why).

As you’ll no doubt recall, getting her here was a bit of an adventure. But with a new home and the vertical adventureland kitty paradise forest in our back yard, we hoped she’d settle in in relatively short order.

And she did. We established with the Utrecht move that she attaches to people, not places, so we had no qualms about letting her out. She really liked Out – she spent so much time there in June that we thought she might have adopted another family. She also brought a lot of Out in, in the form of rodents – 6 in a single week, once. That was… thrilling.

With all that mouse-hunting she was getting a lot of exercise. At her vet visit in September we found that she’d lost one of her 6 kilos, nearly a 20% weight loss. We were duly impressed, and very glad we’d chosen this house instead of turning her into an apartment cat.

However. For the last week or two she’s been unusually quiet. At first we attributed it to winter and hibernation, but this past week it seemed to get worse, so I took her to the vet yesterday. She’s lost another kilo, so she’s down to four now, and I had to leave her there for an hour so they could feed her intravenously while they waited for the blood test results. The diagnosis was not conclusive, but her symptoms point to FIP, and her blood has gone to another lab for more extensive testing. I’ll take her back to the vet on Monday.

Meanwhile, we are to try to get her to eat – anything, even if it’s not supposed to be good for cats, just anything that will get some calories into her. And she’s got an IV port in her right front leg, with a big yellow bandage around it so she can’t remove it. So she moves carefully, sometimes clumsily, and she licks the liquid off the tuna but doesn’t actually eat it, and she weighs nothing when I pick her up. She doesn’t purr, hardly sleeps, and she just looks so sad and helpless.

Maybe I’m projecting. I feel sad and helpless.

Song du jour of the day: I Will Love You, by Fisher.

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