Daily Archives: 1 January 2014

Christmas was

Well so we got the Weekend of Awkward Relationships out of the way early on, which was great. Aaaand then I was felled by a migraine, which was…not. But other than that, Christmas was a fine, peaceful, low-key affair and its location on a Tuesday/Wednesday placed New Year’s also on a Tuesday/Wednesday which makes for a very long vacation which is superfantabulous because it will definitely be another 6 days before I’m willing to face my German class again.

Also, German? I’ve forgotten it all.

And now it’s New Year’s Day and I am resolving to blog more, because I keep forgetting so I hope if I write it down I’ll remember. That’s all, really.

Song du jour of the day, courtesy of  a Best Beloved who may or may not want to be identified here: Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky, by Allen Toussaint.