The Weekend of Awkward Relationships

Well so this being our first Christmas all back together in our new(-ish) home, since the Christmas that we went to Seattle to visit Ignatz doesn’t count because the cat wasn’t there and it was someone else’s home really, we decided we’d have Christmas here in our charming house in hyper-picturesque Heidelberg, what could be cozier, right?

Hah. I should’ve known I wouldn’t get off that easily. The Best Friend-In-Law, with whom I have a historically fraught relationship, went and turned 70 this weekend, and Germans make a big ol’ deal out of the “round” birthdays, so we had to go to that. He also invited DrBob’s parents, and about a squillion other people in a teeny-tiny restaurant, so that was rather excessively cozy.

I actually like his friends, he manages to draw a lot of good people to him, so clearly it’s only me that he annoys the crap out of? Clearly not, because at one point he sat down across from me and said “You know, you don’t always have to follow your mother’s example” and W, beside me, said “Oh that is SO TYPICAL, Gregor.” Which was nice, because I don’t usually get to feel like anyone has my back (paging Dr Husband…).

Anyhoo, as if that weren’t bad enough, see above re the parents – we drove to their house in exceedingly rural Jagenau, spiffied up, and then took the train to the party, then took the train back to Jagenau and slept at their place which is not really built for six people. So, again: waaay too cozy. And the Sniglet had been there a few days already, and even though he hadn’t seen them for several months, the same old patterns erupted immediately and these patterns are the source of a whole lotta conflict and as I am a pathological conflict-avoider, I was very carefully Not Saying a great many things, which is always stressful.

And that’s why I hauled the guys out of the house and into the car around 1 pm, they dropped me in the city and went home, and I got to hang out with my old Munich friends and get my fragile sanity restored which was ALL OF THE AWESOME. And then I stayed overnight and caught a train home this afternoon.

So now all of the weird fraught relationships are out of the way and I got to see people who really actually like me and now — NOW — we can get on with Christmas.


Song du jour of the day: In the Bleak Midwinter, by Loreena McKennitt.

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