this worked

… so I’m saving it here so I can use it again next year. There’s no way I could have managed Thanksgiving dinner without scheduling every step, I would have taken a break because I thought I had time and then had to do 20 things at once and it would have been stressful. As it happened, it went off pretty much like clockwork and we had a nice dinner, so yay! Happy Thanksgiving.♥

4.00: prep pie crust
4.10: chill pie crust -5:10
4.30: prep apples, let rest -5:10
5.15: assemble pie
5.25: prep turkey & carrots
5.40: into the oven -6.40
5.45: peel potatoes
6.00: boil potatoes -6.35
6.15: prep salad
6.25: corn muffins
6.30: start peas & corn
6.40: turkey out, pie in
6.45: mash potatoes
6.50: start gravy
assemble salad
put out nuts & berries
set table
6.55: cut bread
pour wine
light candles
7.00: dinner

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