Daily Archives: 17 November 2013

absent due to FUBBAL!

On weekdays I’m taking this fairly exhausting German class and running this fairly exhausting family, so I tend to remember the blogs on the weekends. Saturdays are generally dedicated to knitting – I usually intend to go to Stitch n Bitch, though I never actually make it – so Sunday would be the logical day for this blog. Tragically (whee!) Mr Husband’s birthday gift for me this year was the NFL Gamepass so I can watch ALL the football games! Okay, there are 15 games each weekend right now so I’m not catching them all, but I’m working on it!

When I don’t have a migraine. Or an attack of despair at my continuing joblessness. Both are getting more frequent, neither is at all interesting, so really, perhaps it’s just as well that I’m not blogging.

So, you know. Watch this space. BRB, and all that. I promise, if anything not-depressing happens, I’ll let you know.

Song du jour of the day: Martha, by Tom Waits