not entirely my fault

Okay, it’s Daylight Savings Sunday, stores are closed, guys are busy, I have the whole day to apply for these three jobs. Right. First job, let’s re-jig the letter from the last application, hm, don’t know how to say that in German. I should do more to improve my German, hey you know what would help? Knitting podcasts. In German! A subject that interests me and will hold my attention, and the chance to hear German spoken with normal usage and pacing. Ooo, here’s one about time management (vis à vis fibery-projects, very relevant for me). Oh you know what, my Dutch is slipping, are there any Dutch knitting podcasts? Hm, doesn’t look like it,but here’s one on books, could be interesting.

Oy, got sidetracked. A German knitting podcast will not give me the vocabulary I need to write a cover letter. But I can pick up some keywords from the job description, right? Ooo, better research the company. I started with the most interesting job first, so now I’m reading about the Global Organic Textile Standard, wow. Neat.

Actually, I just remembered that Ignatz has indicated interest in getting a piano. Ooo, expensive, but hey, Ebay has some ads for free pianos! Inherited, it was in the attic when I bought the house, no idea of quality just take this thing off my hands please, that kind of free. But we’d have to pick it up, with a Twingo? No. You can rent a trailer from IKEA (it helps to buy IKEA stuff but they probably wouldn’t find out about a side trip, right?) but I don’t know if they’re big enough. So we’d have to measure the piano first, and then probably look up trailer dimensions at, but how do you secure it for the trip? Also, how do we convince a certain noise-averse, clutter-averse DrBob to participate in this project, because you know Ig and I can’t drive a trailer up Switchback Street, ah the joys of living on a mountain. Plus he’d have to help carry it up all these stairs. Maybe an electronic keyboard –

NO. Argh. FOCUS!

… I need more coffee.

Maybe getting dressed would help me stay on task! Uh-oh, almost out of clean underwear. I better do some laundry! Gngngngh no. WRITE. NOW.

Okay, everything they list in the ad maps to something I did for HTC, I just need the cover letter to reflect that, without being condescending or redundant. Type type, tweak tweak, check Google translate… Okay, it’s still not quite right but I’m stuck. Time to ask DrBob for help.

Me: Do you have a second to look at my cover letter?

He: Let’s go to France.

Song du jour of the day: Perfect Day, by Lou Reed et al. Rest in Peace, Mr. Reed.

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