Daily Archives: 29 September 2013

Hanging in there

Three weeks in, the German class is still pretty exhausting. We collectively asked the teacher to shorten the class a bit, because we’re all brain-dead by 12:30, but she can’t. This is a federally-funded pilot project and you know governments: the people who control the money and set the targets don’t know jack about education. From a pedagogical standpoint, the last hour of class is essentially wasted time, and since this is a pilot project, I plan to make my feedback known to everyone I can find.

The content’s great, however. So! Much! Grammar! I love grammar. Systems, yum. And the teacher is really good too, she’s taken our feedback and is trying to work in some slightly less demanding programming for the last 90 minutes of class. She’s doing a good job of working within the limitations imposed by clueless outsiders.

Eventually I suppose I’ll get used to the pace. Right now this German class is feeling like the Only Thing I Do, but I kinda need to stop thinking like that. I’ve got two kids at home again. I’m planning, shopping, and cooking for four, from scratch, at least 6 nights a week, supervising homework, and I’ve even taught the Spawn how to do housework. It’s not much, but it’s not nothing. I’m even going to bed at a reasonable hour! Usually. Speaking of which, it’s past my bedtime. Remind me to tell you about the job-coaching sometime…

Song du jour of the day: Werewolf, by CocoRosie