Daily Archives: 22 September 2013

New stuff and hilarious kid


Maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but I get it a lot: after carefully shopping around, I buy a thing, and then a better version appears on the market, which I can’t buy because I already have one. On the left you see a pot I bought at IKEA which has seen considerable use. It’s green, which is technically my favorite color, but it’s not my favorite shade of green.

So yesterday DrBob and I were at IKEA  (date night!), and lo, there was the same pot in a lovely ivory color which I now cannot have because I already bought the green thing.

I was lamenting this to the Sniglet today, and he gave me the side-eye and said, “If you really want the white one, I can have an ‘accident’ arranged.”


Song du jour of the day: Let’s Groove, by Earth Wind & Fire