crawling toward the light

So after Ohmygodthisday came Tuesday, wherein everything in the world did not happen, but I still passed out on the couch for an hour or so and dinner was really late. And I was thinking if one 5-hour German class is the only thing I can achieve in a whole day, then maybe I shouldn’t get a job. Or maybe just a very small one, but they don’t have those any more. And then on Wednesday the city decided to block the road with a giant roadwork project so we had to find another way to school, and we also found out (the slow and smelly way) that Wednesday is garbage day in the part of town we need to drive through to get to school so the kids were late and I was late and kind of needed a nap by the time I got to class.

And this evening we have a house guest. 

However. I’m starting to get a tiny sense that I won’t always be this exhausted. I did get the kids to school on time today, and go grocery shopping and get dinner on the table at or around 7, in addition to surviving German class. Driving to and from Mannheim is feeling less like a suicide attempt. I didn’t do my homework, see above re house guest, but otherwise I could almost feel… sufficiently whelmed. So there’s that.

So what this is, since I didn’t get around to explaining it, is a pilot project by a local sort of economic organization called Metropol Rhein-Neckar (those are the rivers that converge hereabouts, and, with the Mosel, are the reason this region has been so economically interesting for the last – well, since people invented boats, really. Geography! Without it, history is just a series of random events. End digression), with federal funding. The upside is that the class and our books and any field trips we take are all paid for by Uncle… um, Schmidt. The downside is that all of us – students, teachers and administrators – are making this up as we go along: no curriculum, no lesson plan, just wing it, write it all down afterward and use it as the template for future such classes. It. Is. Awesome. I love the flexibility of this, and it really is working.

What’s interesting about this is that, though the teacher is really good, the students also wind up teaching each other a lot. I have all this vocabulary but no grammar; other students have the opposite; they’re explaining article declension to me and I’m teaching them Bavarian swear words.

So. I like this class. I’m glad I happened to find out about it. I’ve been having some problems with… moodiness, I guess, so it’s good to get out of the house.

Song du jour of the day: Hold On. Yep, looks like someone’s on another Tom Waits kick…

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