OH my GOD this DAY!

Of course I should have written ages ago about school for the boys and German classes for me and how and why and all that, but I didn’t, so now it will have to suffice to say that we all started our respective classes today, and if time is Nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once then Nature needs some slapping.

WELL. I went to my first German class in Mannheim and omg this is a great group of people so that’s excellent news. But I am probably the most advanced student there (yeah, I should be, after 19 frickin’ years), and my head felt all ‘splodey after 5 very intensive hours, and some of the other students looked pretty freaked. I hope they don’t decide to leave the class. Especially since a bunch of them speak Spanish and I’m all keen to practice that. And also German. I know, I know. Anyway. Head. ‘Splodey.

So that’s where my head was when I got back to HD around 2pm and DrBob picked me up at the station and we went to the kids’ school to sign stuff and get them student IDs and have the school sign the Sniglet’s bus pass application form and then went and stood in line for approximately eleventy billion hours to get the bus pass (first day of school = everybody suddenly remembers they need a bus pass) and then there was grocery shopping and with all that it was 5pm when we got home and had to look over school schedules and talk about our respective days and decide on routines and rules and responsibilities for the coming school year. I wanted a life outside of the house, I did I did, but today was much too much and my head is still spinning.

Oh Egad, I haven’t even done my homework.

Song du jour of the day: Better Not Look Down, by B.B. King.

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