Daily Archives: 30 July 2013

Full House

Right! So… but… yeah. Um, we have internet, YAAAY! We have a houseguest as well, also yay, though she headed off with the bus pass about 7 hours ago, and it’s about 20 minutes til 8, which is when we said we’d have dinner, which she volunteered to cook, and here she… isn’t. Is it time to worry yet?

This is a(nother) colleague of Robert’s, not one of the three who’ve already visited, she showed up Sunday. A friend of mine from Utrecht was also here over the weekend, that was a lot of fun. We went to Stitch’n’Bitch and he applied his social skills and made a buncha new friends for me. So generous!

So that’s, what, six different people we’ve had come stay this month, so we could show them this view:



So who’s next?

Song du jour of the day: Give Me One Reason, by Tracy Chapman. Apropos of nothing, I just love her a whole lot.