What Certain Neighbors Needed a Crane For

… moving house. Because why NOT block the street for a whole day? moving

Also? They were Americans. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype, ex-neighbors!

Phoouuaagh. So, um, then we had houseguests – DrBob is bringing a few academics with him from Utrecht, and they came for a few days to check out the area, sign contracts, that sort of thing. I already knew his Assistant Prof, but this was the first time I met the two Ph.D candidates. They’re very nice. Ignatz liked them too, but that was to be expected, as they are virtually the only humans he’s seen since he got here (parents definitely do not count).

Once the guests were all gone home, some nice electricians came (with LOTS of wire) and connected us to the world. We have real internet, y’all, and we have all now disappeared down our respective rabbit holes.

Although my rabbit-hole was actually named “migraine”. I’m just digging myself out, after four days. And it probably sounds like a joke when I say I’ve decided to live, but I was really close to deciding not to. I have to take it easy tomorrow to avoid triggering another one, which means that the trek to the library to return my books which are due? Is pretty much the ONLY thing I’ll be able to do tomorrow. I hate these migraines so much.

Song du jour of the day: Killing Me Softly, by Roberta Flack. I’d totally forgotten about this, but this was my FAVORITE FAVORITE song when I was about 4. I made my parents play it over and over again. In fact that may be why they got me my own little record player.

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