What Happened On Monday

As you’ll no doubt recall, people were going to come and fix the internet on Monday. Well, some guys showed up, with a white van and a little digger on a teensy trailer (cute!) and made noises about how difficult it was going to be but they’d try – to connect our garage. Yes, their brief was to find the boss-cable under the sidewalk, connect some new cable, and run it across the street and into our garage. We’d then have to get an electrician to come and connect the garage-cable to the house, they wouldn’t know anything about that. SIGH.

They dug up half the street at a time, so the cars could still get through (unlike certain neighbors who are apparently doing something involving a crane tomorrow that requires them to block the whole street). They cleaned up really well, covered the driveway with sand so the replaced bricks wouldn’t sink or wobble, and even came back the next day to add more sand. All very professional, and we are pleased.
Except we still don’t have internet.

Song du jour of the day: Hit the Road, Jack, by Ray Charles.

Ooo, P.S.: The electrician showed up today, ran some cable from the garage to the basement, and… ran out of cable! He’s going to come back sometime with more people and more cable. Meanwhile, we have a letter from KabelBW saying “Welcome aboard! We are now charging you for internet/TV/phone service that you’re not actually able to use! SUCKAZ!” (I may be paraphrasing. A bit.)

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