What Came After

Moving in was a bit less stressful than moving out, aside from the internet thing (by the bye, a Voice on the Phone says that people will come to break ground for our cables Monday morning at 8. We shall see if it actually happens).

As you can see, possessions were a tad sparse for a bit there…

Prioritehz - we haz them

Prioritehz – we haz them

… but the movers eventually wandered by and dumped a million boxes in the house and after making a giant mess we finally have a living room…



The gallery’s going to take a bit longer, but at least we’re making progress:

Ignatz’s room and mine still need some spiffing, but otherwise, this is a house! And we live in it! And yay!

In other news, today’s my dad’s birthday. He’d be 66. It kind of amazes me that it’s been 20 whole years, that I’ve grown up and married and traveled the world and had a family, and he hasn’t been there for any of it. Crazy, what he’s missed out on.

Song du jour of the day: Crazy Love, by Aaron Neville. Dad really liked Aaron Neville.

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