fun with mental blocks

OF COURSE after nearly a month’s absence I’m back and can’t think of anything to say. Seattle is still Seattle (mostly, though they sure let in a lot of asshole drivers since I moved away), Ig’s graduation made the local news, the in-laws’ visit is just a vague blur in my memory, thank you jet-lag, and the weather was hot and sunny in HD but turned to crap pretty much the minute I got back (“I don’t know how you do it,” says DrBob).

When we last left our heroine (that’d be me – try to keep up, people) she was suffering an internet blackout and becoming increasingly paranoid. As you can see, internet has dawned, and all it took was for the landlord to come in from Austria (possibly by kayak; have the floods receded yet?) and personally authorize DrBob to work some router-fu. The connection is quite feeble, only works in the dining room, and the router poops out from time to time, so we are also in daily phone calls with the local cable company, trying to find more than one way to say “You said something would happen and it hasn’t happened, why not?”

So there’s that.

DrBob is in Utrecht again, so I’m alone with Lilu for a few days. Despite my best efforts, my sleep schedule is still wonky. I was desperate for a nap today, but I knew it’d be bad for me so instead I walked into town and did happy errands – proper tea at the English shop, cheap nail polish at the drugstore, some groceries, and I popped into the library to rest a bit before heading back and oops I fell down and checked out a pile o’ books. I’ll put them next to the 20 million books I bought in Seattle. Then I trudged home (it’s a longer walk than I’m used to, and quite hilly) and took a nap anyway. Must be fresh air poisoning. So now I’m up way too late, that’ll help the jet lag. On the bright side, I have lots of books.

Song du jour of the day: Sunlight, by Helena.


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