It starts to look like a conspiracy

So I’m at Star Coffee, with its free WLAN if you buy something, and I managed to fire off one email before the connection died. Could happen to anyone, yeah, except the same thing happened a few days ago at their other branch. Why am I schlepping my computer to internet cafés, well, because the router died at the house a few days after we moved in. It’s in the landlord’s apartment and he promised to send us a key so we could reboot it, but it’s been over a week and the key hasn’t arrived yet. We called, he sent it, so clearly the Deutsche Post is in on the conspiracy as well. Kabel BW will come dig up the street and lay some cable for us, but they didn’t say exactly when, only that we’d be hearing from them. We haven’t heard from them.

So clearly the universe wants me offline, but I am mystified as to why (I would count Robert a co-victim, except that he eventually managed to get access to the University Library, and it works perfectly there). It is particularly distressing because I’m flying to Seattle in a little over a week and things need to be arranged. Things cannot be arranged without the internet anymore.

It’s not just that I’m an addict who can’t cope with a netless existence – everyone expects you to have internet access now. Try finding a job, for instance. Or figuring out public transit in a new city. We also have no TV signal, so I have no idea what’s going on in the world. Argh.

So yeah, things are okay I guess, though the house seems very big when I’m alone in it – DrBob took the Sniglet back to Jagenau on Thursday and returned on Friday. Tomorrow he leaves for 4 days in Utrecht. I will read a lot, and talk to the cat, and watch all the Stargate DVDs. That’ll take care of Monday. Oh! And I’ll organize all the photos I’ve taken, and when I do have internet I’ll write a nice long lament about what a giant pain in the ass it is to move. Beloveds, I have not abandoned you. I’m thinking all the time of things I simply must tell you, and then remembering that I can’t. Dammit.

Song du jour of the day:  Ain’t No Sunshine, by Bill Withers. Because also? The weather has been so very sucky. The Neckar has jumped its banks, the whole of Southeast Bavaria is under flood warning, and I can’t keep up with the news because I HAVE NO FREAKING INTERNET.



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