All the Goodbyes

So there was the Final Saturday Stitch n’ Bitch and the Farewell Anna Dinner & Drinks and the Dyeing Party at Jantine’s and Jonna stopped by with a jar of appelstroop (yum) and I went to Fiona’s and sold my bike, so I guess that’s all the goodbyes out of the way. I am working very hard at not feeling sad about leaving, because I need to do useful things and not lie in a corner weeping, but the longer I maintain this fake-out, the more effort it requires. It’s sapping my concentration too, so I find myself staring into space a lot, that’s useful.

The shed’s cleaned out, so now we have a stack of tires in the living room. We’re classy like that. Also? Some power tools.

Tomorrow is the day to do the 10,000 things that I banished to the last minute – you know, can’t pack up the bathroom because we’re still using it, can’t box up the silverware, or the cat’s stuff, or defrost the fridge or clean up my desk because ditto. The local version of Goodwill is coming by tomorrow to take a bunch of stuff – I hope they take it, anyway. Egad, what if they decide it’s too smudged or something? Oh well, tomorrow is also garbage day, so I’ll just put it on the curb.

We’ve known this day was coming for a really long time. How did it manage to sneak up on us like this?

Song du jour of the day: A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke.


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