Happy Damn Mother’s Day

Ever since mom died this has been kind of a downer of a holiday for me. I try to let it be redeemed by the fact that I’m a mother, and my boys are awesome, but now that they don’t actually live with me, that’s not really helping. Though it’s kind of better, because I don’t have to  pretend I’m not in a crappy mood. But also sucky because I’d like to post a picture of me & mom, or just mom, but I’ve packed all the pictures. Arg. Meh. Pthhtpt. 

I did clean out the Shed of Doom today. That’s a good use of a bad mood. 

Song du jour of the day: Just to See Her, by Smokey Robinson

2 responses to “Happy Damn Mother’s Day

  • Melanie

    Cleaning out the shed of doom is a great use of a bad mood. But I have a “if a tree falls in the forest” sort of philosophy about that. In that, if your kids aren’t present to suffer from your bad mood, is it really so bad? Hugs to you today and every day about your mom. I know you miss her so. I was honored to have been able to meet her.

  • JulieYouJest

    I totally get it. I stayed chipper on Sunday but I seriously just wanted to cover my head and hide from everyone. Sorry about your mom. I hope chatting with her helps some. I’m new here so I don’t know about the packing and the shed of doom but I’ll catch up!

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