Scary things

Yesterday the buyers came by with their little boy and a series of builder-people to look around the house, assess the damage and get quotes on what it would take to cure the house of 7 years (at least) of neglect. Wow, that’ll make you self-conscious. “Um, yeah, we were going to replace the roof, but we uh… got sidetracked?” Plus there was a lot of standing around waiting to be needed, to answer questions or translate (they don’t speak a lot of Dutch yet). And lots of awkward small-talk. It was unexpectedly exhausting.

But they’re super nice, the buyers, and the kid is adorable (also he said he likes me, which means I win the universe, so there), and they said they’d forward the mail and I introduced them to the next-door neighbors and we talked about the key handover and all. So that’s sorted.

Today I made a start on the shed. It’s not exactly airtight, so there’s some kind of plant life growing in there and everything is covered with dust and spiderwebs and what looks like bird poop but I don’t think there are birds in there, so… ew? So I got out the bucket and brushes and rags and rubber gloves and started hauling stuff out to clean off the accumulated gunk, and bam, it started to rain. So I was RIGHT to procrastinate! The Universe does not WANT me to clean out the shed!

But I have to, because I made an appointment with a kringloop (Goodwill, basically, for my North American readers) to come haul away stuff on Tuesday. I’m guessing I’ll find a lot of stuff to give away in there, because we almost never go in the shed (see above re spiders) so we’ve managed to live without whatever’s in there for four years. Therefore we probably don’t need it.

Sorry, blog posts without pictures are boring, I’ll get a photo of the Shed of Horror tomorrow and paste it in here. Unless I forget, heh.

ETA: the pictures don’t capture the full horror. Apparently my phone camera can’t perceive grime. But I know it’s there.

Song du jour of the day: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted, by Jimmy Ruffin. This isn’t a topical choice, I’ve just always loved it.

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