Daily Archives: 6 May 2013

two grand(-ish) days out

Yesterday Fiona called me up and said hey wanna ride bikes and I said okay so we went out and it was beautiful and sunny and fabulous but not hugely eventful but still a really good day here are some pictures!

Then today I went to Amsterdam to pick up my passport and Mr. Husband came along to sort out some bank stuff and then we were going to go to the Rijksmuseum, yay! It’s been under renovation for ten years, and they’re very excited about the reopening – there was even a flashmob event in Breda, it was really cool! Here’s the video. And of course we want to see it before we leave and whoop! We’re running out of time.

Weird random irregularities at the consulate made me really jittery, but they gave me a passport in the end, so that’s okay, whew.

Some tulips in a park. I like the colors.

Some tulips in a park. I like the colors.

Meanwhile, Mr Husband was supposed to go to the bank, because Phone Guy said you have to go in person to figure out how to sell the house and then Mr Husband couldn’t find a branch of our bank in Amsterdam because his phone internet wasn’t working so he had to wait for me and then we went tromping all over the city, only to find one right near where we were before we started all the walking, and we told Teller Guy our story and he was all WTF, so he called Phone Guy and Phone Guy was all, oh, no, that’s all sorted, you didn’t have to come in at all. Argh.

And then we got sandwiches, and they were pretty good! When you go to the Rijksmuseum, you should definitely get lunch at this stand:

Don't let the giant ice cream cone be your landmark, though. Everybody has those.

Don’t let the giant ice cream cone be your landmark, though. Everybody has those.

So that was good, but then it was 4:30 and guess what time the ticket desks at the Rijksmuseum close? Sigh. Well, when you do go, if you approach the museum from the Museumplein side, you might see these nifty things:

What is that, tinfoil?

What are those made of, is that tinfoil?

Yes. It appears to be tinfoil.

Yes. It appears to be tinfoil.

So yeah, bummed about the museum, a bit. But at least I have a passport!

Song du jour of the day: Family Affair, by Mary J. Blige.

P.S. the museum gift shop was ace.