If I write it here, it will happen.

you only think this room is messy...

Hi! I’m hoping this new template will prompt me to write nearly-daily, as I keep resolving (and then failing) to do. In the same way wearing my grubby jeans and t-shirt on a sunny day will push me to clean out the garden shed! Which, yeah, this is the 5th day I’ve tried that (NOT the 5th consecutive day, because that would be gross) and the shed remains uncleaned.

The front bedroom, though, is going gangbusters. Of course, to the untrained eye it looks like I’m merely rearranging the mess, but lo, I am rearranging it with purpose. I freakin’ well better be, because the movers are coming in (ulp) eleven days. I’m having a hard time deciding what to do myself and what to leave for them to pack.

In my head I have totally got this – the living room’s done, DrBob’s office is not my problem, so that leaves 11 rooms – one room per day, right? Except I’m not getting one room a day done – it’s taken me weeks to get the room in the photo to that point, and now I have a cold, which is requiring frequent naps. And tomorrow I’ve committed to going to an exhibition in Rotterdam, so that’ll suck up some time. And I have to go see Fiona, but after all that fun I will do Something Useful. Or maybe take a nap.

Song du jour of the day: Let’s Get It Started, by the Black Eyed Peas.


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