In which I dip a toe into the brave new world of pet ownership

Which is to say, I’ve lived in the regular old world of pet ownership for nearly six years – a cat lives with me, I put food out for her, and she sheds on things. We got her from a farm, she had one litter of kittens and then we got her fixed at the horse doctor’s and since then she’s had no medical care to speak of. Because she is a cat.

Turns out, she is a cat who REALLY doesn’t like to go for rides in the car – that is, she’s not a dog – and we’re moving by car, so we were hoping the local vet could give us something tranquilize-y for her because when we moved up here she cried for hours. Seriously. HOURS. But the vet won’t tranq someone she doesn’t know, so we had to take her in for a check-up and agree to random vaccinations and promise to try to find her passport. Cats have passports? Once we get back to Germany will we have to find her a therapist, too?

So anyway, that happened today. Two rides in the car, many treats and apologies, and now she’s sleeping like a rock and tomorrow I have to go in and get her a new passport. And a new cat carrier, because she pretty much ate the twee wicker thing we’ve been using until now.

Song du jour of the day: not exactly a song. Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, in memory of those lost in the Boston bombings yesterday, and all of the victims of  all the stupid pointless conflicts we engage in for reasons I can’t fathom.

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