this year’s vacation

The Sniglet came up for Easter vacation and we went to Tenerife! Which is one of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa but actually belonging to Spain, and I don’t know why I never thought of going there before, because it was pretty much perfect. Loved the food, loved the weather, loved the crashy ocean and black-sand beaches, the desolate Martian landscape of the volcano, the after-dinner paseo and the Semana Santa processions through the town. It was amazing.

Also? Loro Parque. Y’all, this was the best thing EVAR. They have orcas and dolphins and gorillas and chimpanzees and giant anteaters and sloths and seals and an aquarium and penguins! And parrots! All the parrots! There’s a bit enclosed with nets where you can walk through and the parrots are just hanging out, all cool like, eating fruit and snoozing and marching around like they own the place, it was super. Also, they’re a foundation dedicated to protecting endangered species, which made me feel better about the ticket price. It turned out to be totally worth the €33, though – especially because once you’re in, you can buy a ticket to return within the next two weeks for €10. The Sniglet and I went back the next day.

Song du jour of the day: La Tienda de Sombreros, by Monsieur Periné


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