Daily Archives: 20 March 2013

Aaaand we’re back

…and DrBob’s gone again! Scampered off to the Deutscher Hispanistentag, the annual conference of Hispanists. He’s not speaking this year, just attending, which makes it something like a vacation for him.

So yeah we went to Heidelberg. Because the Dual Career Service doesn’t just help trailing spouses find jobs, they also provide general settling-in information for out-of-towners. It seems people like to rent to professors and their families, because they expect us to be quiet and unassuming, possessing no more than the usual number of cats and far more than the usual number of books, and therefore disinclined to move around a lot. In our case, they’re not wrong. So the Dual Career lady emailed us about this house in Heidelberg, belonging to a retired Theology professor who now lives in Austria, and DrBob called him and set up a viewing last weekend.

Then, she emailed us about an apartment, spang in the middle of town, with a landlady who didn’t want to give out her number. We gave ours, to be passed to her, and she called DrBob and they set up a second viewing for the same day.  Continue reading