Have a weekend!

While you’re at it, have mine as well, because I’m not using it, gah.

Umm, this morning (at the insane hour of 8:30) the real-estate guy called to say that the Italians had agreed to buy our house for a price that will leave us broke but at least we won’t have to borrow money to pay it off. We are so battered by this whole process that we are interpreting that as good news. So help me God, I will never buy or sell a house again.

Then I went to the new office of my old job to pick up a document and saw all my ex-colleagues again and they’re all the same shiny wonderful humans and I felt the sad feels. I do miss working, yes, but I miss the people I worked with even more.

Also today, Mr Husband notified Heidelberg that he would indeed sign the contract and send it to them on Monday, so that’s also settled. We found out who was offered the Würzburg job, and it wasn’t him, and while rejection is never nice, the offer would have complicated the hell out of things, so this also reads as good.

He just flew in from Munich (and boy are his arms tired, hotcha!), so he’s going to sleep as long as he wants tomorrow, and then we’ll drive to Heidelberg, arrive in time to check into a hotel, and on Sunday we’ll look at a house and an apartment for rent and probably make a decision on the spot because complicated=bad, so let’s hope that’s settled soon too. Then we’ll visit some academic friends and come trickling home at some insane hour so he can sleep for two hours before going in to show a bunch of Danes around his soon-to-be-ex job, and I can spend the day on the phone with the real estate guy figuring out signings and handovers and when the hell we’re going to get all this done between Mr Husband leaving for Hispanists’ Conference in Münster and our vacation (Tenerife, WOOO!).

Hmm. I wonder what I’m forgetting?

Song du jour of the day: Mañana, by Radio Tarifa.

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