oh look, it’s snowi – oh, wait…

Y’all, Mother Nature is off her rocker. It’s supposed to be spring but it snowed yesterday morning, and then the sun came out and ate it all and then at night there was snow on the ground again though I didn’t see it fall, it was just suddenly there. And this morning was perfect and sunny and then it started HAILING, WTF, and then blammo, sun again and now it’s spring in the front yard and winter in the back yard and OH GOD I’M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER ALL I CAN TALK ABOUT IS THE WEATHER.

But seriously folks, this is looking like a metaphor for my life right now, or at least my emotional state. I am excited that we’re moving to Heidelberg (OR ARE WE? dun dun dun…), but Egad this is stressful, not knowing when, or where. We have sorted out the number of children, so that’s settled (and expensive: apparently we have two, so we’ll need four bedrooms after all). And the University will pay people to come and pack our stuff and move it, but I know from experience that they will pack ALL the stuff and I’ll end up with empty shampoo bottles, 1-inch pencil stubs, old newspapers and photos of babies I don’t recognize unless I clear out all the garbage before we go. And once I’ve cleared all the crap off a shelf or out of a box the best thing to do is pack the non-crap in a moving box and label it with what room it should go in in the new house (what rooms will the new house have? WHO KNOWS?) so that it’s out of sight and I know it’s done, but then Mr Husband pops up to tell me that packing is a waste of time because the university will pay people to pack for us. But they won’t do it RIGHT, sez crazed perfectionist me.

So there’s that.

Also, I am applying for jobs, which makes me want to claw my own face off.

Song du jour of the day: Hold On, by K T Tunstall.

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