So as you know, we’re trying to sell this house, and yay timing! tells me that there are currently 4,438 houses for sale in Utrecht alone, so we have some hefty competition. But we can’t wait for the market to improve, so. We had to clear off so strangers could come in and look around on Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, and this morning. This morning I went and hung out at Fiona’s – thanks for the spare key, babe! Tomorrow I will go have a photo professionally taken of me in a buttony-shirt and blazer and (urk) make-up, because I need it to apply for jobs in Germany (what the FUCK, Germany!?), so that will kill some time in a singularly horrible way. Then on Wednesday we have to clear out all afternoon because FOUR different sets of people are going to be trooping through the rooms and looking at my stuff. 

In Germany you clean when you move out of a house, and then you move into a clean house! Seems fair! Here it’s the opposite, so we got it coming and going – we spent two days cleaning the HELL out of the Dorfle house, and then we moved into a pile of dustballs and grime. At the time I was miffed, but now that I’m having to clean house every damn day for the benefit of strangers, I can see that the people we bought it from were probably burnt right out on cleaning.

SIGH. I spent all day today scrubbing windows. Windows! I’ve always hated moving, but trying to get people to buy your house adds a whole new dimension of suckage to this process. We’ve already had two offers; the first was so low the only possible response was: ———–>rofl-smiley-gif-800

The second offer was a mere €50,000 less than what we actually owe on the damn house, and how pathetic is it that we can call that progress? So actually I suppose it’s good that so many strangers are trooping through my house, because maybe one of them will make us a better offer. Right. Bright side.

Song du jour of the day: Bright Side of the Road, by Van Morrison.



One response to “Invasion

  • Fiona

    Oh dear, I empathize. I mean he’ll, just the idea of cleaning windows freaks me out, let alone actually doing it. Someone will buy it, they will. I shall repeat this mantra until you sell it or my voice goes….

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