Daily Archives: 4 March 2013


So as you know, we’re trying to sell this house, and yay timing! Funda.nl tells me that there are currently 4,438 houses for sale in Utrecht alone, so we have some hefty competition. But we can’t wait for the market to improve, so. We had to clear off so strangers could come in and look around on Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, and this morning. This morning I went and hung out at Fiona’s – thanks for the spare key, babe! Tomorrow I will go have a photo professionally taken of me in a buttony-shirt and blazer and (urk) make-up, because I need it to apply for jobs in Germany (what the FUCK, Germany!?), so that will kill some time in a singularly horrible way. Then on Wednesday we have to clear out all afternoon because FOUR different sets of people are going to be trooping through the rooms and looking at my stuff.  Continue reading