Guess what? I made THIS last week. Why? Possibly because I’m insane. No but really, most stunt-food freaks me out and I’m pretty sure there’s a Vast Conspiracy of Everyone to pretend that stuff is food when it clearly is not, just to get me to eat crazy shit so they can point and laugh at me. See for instance squid, snails, and tofu. Oh, and cuy, which is eaten in Ecuador and is apparently roasted guinea pig, and which – yo.

  1. Pets are not for eating.
  2. Rodents are not for eating.
  3. That is all.

Also? Sushi. WTF, y’all.

BUT I DIGRESS. This… timballo… thing, had only ingredients that I consider to be actual food, plus it had the key advantage of being something you bake in a bowl and then flip upside down onto a plate and shout “Ta-DA!” I always like to shout when I present food to people (though usually it’s something more like “Look out!”). Also, even in the fancy recipe picture, it looks like a brain. I could only assume that my version would be even brainier. 

I was not disappointed.

I was not disappointed.

A word of warning, if you do decide to make this yourself: when you get to the part where you cook the spinach and minced garlic in olive oil and then mix in a tub of ricotta? The urge to grab a spoon and go OMNOMNOM will be damn near overwhelming, but don’t. It would mess up the structure of your timballo, and also leave you in a happy cheese coma. And no one wants that.

Flash-theory: maybe “Timballo!” is the Italian word for “Timber!”, as in, “Hey, something is about to fall on you!” That would be so cool.

Song du jour of the day: Stars, by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.


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