More Marrakesh adventures!

On the third day we found a pharmacy for Fiona’s cold. I mean, we found lots of pharmacies on the day before, but they were all closed because it was a holiday. A holiday for pharmacists? We wondered, because everything else was open. Later people told us it was Muhammad’s birthday, which I would suppose is a big deal for more than just the pharmacists, but that’s just a guess.

Once Fiona was drugged up, we went to the Jardin Majorelle, which was an artist’s house and environs which fell into disuse after the artist died and was later rescued by Yves Saint Laurent. The garden part is cactuses from all over the world, which is kind of a niche interest, I suppose, but we thought they were way cool. Also: is this an artist’s house, or what?

From there we took a taxi to the Kasbah area to see the Centre Artisanal, which was pretty to look at and offered a blessedly haggle-free experience, but we didn’t see anything we were really keen to buy.  From there we walked to the Saadian Tombs, which was really interesting, one of those undisturbed-because-undiscovered things tourists love. None of the graves were marked in any way that we could see, and of course the tilework and carving was the usual amazing Moorish fabulousness. I kept thinking “Wow, this looks like Spain!” But no, Spain looks like this. [Google image results]

And that was all one day! After which we were pretty tired, so we went back to the restaurant from the first night and then back to the riad to sleep.

Song du jour of the day: Sunlight, by Helena. Not relevant to the post, I just like it.


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