Daily Archives: 23 January 2013

So, Marrakesh!

So I was over at my friend Fiona’s today, having a last cup of coffee before she pisses off to Marrakesh tomorrow (well, not last-ever, I mean, we’d be discussing the trip over coffee when she got back next week, as we do), and she was all, “You should totally come,” and I was all “eeeehhhhh…” because I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco but I’ve never wanted to go alone, and hey! Here’s my chance to have it all! But seriously, who drops everything and just flies to another country tomorrow? Umm, well, apart from that one time in South America…

Anyway, I get home, and I go tippy-tappy internet, and the flight still has seats and it’s not that expensive… And then over dinner Mr Husband says “How was your day?” and I sez “Well, Fiona wants to know if I can to to Morocco with her tomorrow,” and he sez “For €1500?” and I sez, “Actually, it’s closer to €250,” and he’s all “Oh. Yeah, you should totally go.”  So I booked the flight, and Fiona scored me a room in the riad where she’s staying, and um. I’m flying to Marrakesh tomorrow, and I’m still not sure exactly how that happened.

But just in case it’s actual and real and all, I’m reading Know Before You Go, and Shopping Tips, and Lonely Planet’s guide (which I’m not so sure about), and How to Haggle, and the BBC’s Secrets to Shopping (um, guys, once you put it on the BBC site it’s not very secret), and Julie Eagleton’s tips, and some FAQs on a trekking site, and reading up on henna tattoos and hammams – I still feel woefully underprepared, but at least I know more than I did when I booked the flight! Eeee, this is exciting! You know, if it turns out to be true.

Song du jour of the day: well, of course.

Edited to add: oh! Right! Leaving tomorrow, back Tuesday next. I may be able to blog from Fiona’s Ipad, but I can’t say for sure, as I’ve never used one.