holding pattern

Okay, had a minor setback in response to some very good news yesterday, which is weird, but happens.

This is all weird: DrBob applied for the Heidelberg job over a year ago, and he finally got the “Ruf” (pronounced sort of like “roof”, means “the call”) in December, and is now in the process of negotiating. It’s fiddly – the letter offers him the job but doesn’t really go into detail, so he went down there to talk to them, um, sometime in December and apparently they don’t offer him a salary, he tells them the salary he expects, plus whatever perks he requires, and if he wants to bring people with him (like, say, his Ph.D students or an assistant) he has to negotiate jobs for them, and outline what sort of projects he’d like to launch and how much funding they’ll need and wow! Lots of information that he just has to pull out of his – er, hat, and then they say well we can give you this but not that, and some but not all of the other, but we can offer you this other thing!

And then! Once that’s done he goes to Utrecht to say “they’ve offered me x, y, and z, would you like to make a counter-offer?” And Utrecht can certainly say, “meh. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”, but I kinda doubt they will, because DrBob is actually really good at his job, and I’m not just being all proud-wifey, every colleague of his I talk to is like, “Dude. Whoa.”

And we thought we’d have to hurry through this, which puts him in a bad negotiating position, but then something changed and we decided to take the time to do this right, but then new information came up that made us be in a hurry again, but then yesterday we got more new information that suggested that some jets needed cooling. Which is great!

Except that getting a damn move on already would have had the signal advantage of hastening the time when we can at least have the Sniglet home from boarding school every other weekend. Instead of what we have now, which is no concrete plans to see him anytime soon, which is making me a little tense. My heartstrings are stretched all the way to Munich (and Seattle) and that kind of stretching produces a mighty, mighty twang.

Oh, and? DrBob applied to another university too, and we may yet hear from them, which would make things even more interesting.

Maybe I should go lie down.

Song du jour of the day: Under Pressure, by Queen and David Bowie

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