solo Tuesday

Home alone today! I always think I should be able to get more done on these days than I do…

Anyway, I’m alone because today DrBob is in Heidelberg, talking to directors and department heads about going to work there. You apply for jobs, even if you already have one, just to keep your hand in. And he has been pretty unhappy about recent developments at the university where he works – they shut down Portuguese without consulting him, for instance, and several of his colleagues were tossed out on the street. The way things are going, it’s hard not to wonder if we’re next.

So yeah, he’s applied for a few things in Germany (and Switzerland) over the past few years, and a week or so ago he got an offer from the University of Heidelberg, which is a  Big Deal among German universities, I gather. And he’s down there today talking about salary expectations and whether he can get funding for his Ph.D students and bring an assistant and what sort of giant research projects he wants to undertake and all that, and he’ll be back late tonight to tell me all about it. And then he’ll take whatever offer they make to his bosses here at UU and see if they want to make a counter-offer and then we’ll decide what to do next, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I did manage to dust and swiff the house, and am now trying to get up the mojo to do something about the laundry.

Song du jour of the day: Allein Allein, by Polarkreis 18

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