back again. again

Wow, going to Munich for the weekend is getting to be like going to London for work – totally routine and not at all adventure-y. The airports are getting too familiar.

So, lalala, flew to Munich, met the Sniglet at the train station where he’d come in from school and then hung around for an hour and a half waiting for me to come meet him – when I found him he was with a couple of train station cops, always a shining parental moment. He could have spent the extra time at school instead of catching the early ride to the S-Bahn station, but you know, Friday. You want to get out. 

Snig already had plans with a friend for Saturday in Dorfen, so I went to see a friend of mine at the same time. Opa had to drive us in, because of course there are no buses, and also because Opa lives to serve his darling grandchild and thinks we are both completely helpless which of course fills me with rage. Brief conversation in the car:

  • Opa: Where do you want me to drop you off, alala?
  • Me: I’ll get out with the Sniglet and walk to my friend’s house.
  • Opa: Walk!?
  • Me: Yes, I know how to walk. So does the Sniglet, by the way.
  • Opa: But he doesn’t have to.
  • Me: And if he never has to do anything EVER, it’ll make him overweight – oh, look… (he’s gained like 20 pounds since he’s been with them)
  • Opa: Lots of people are overweight these days.
  • Me: !?!?!

ARRRGH! There’s just no REASONING with them! Oma’s so distressed, oh the Sniglet has gained weight and she doesn’t know how it could have happened, oh woe, she tells me. And then after every meal I hear her poke her head into his room and say “You didn’t eat much, shall I make you something else?”

All of which is why I flew down, because I had a job interview on Monday. The original plan was to have him live with them for one year, but now I’m looking for ways to get down there faster, get an apartment until the end of the school year so he can spend his weekends with me, which is why I’ve been applying for jobs in the Munich area. So I interviewed, here, and it was in German, and I have no idea how it went because everybody I ask tells me my German is better than I think it is. I feel like a mumbling fool when I speak it. If I’m wrong, then the interview probably went well. If I’m right, then ha! All those people are wrong and I’m right and I… win?

Anyway, now it’s out of my hands and I just have to wait to hear back so I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not I’m not I’m not.

At least I got to go to Stitch n Bitch.

Song du jour of the day: Move On Up, by Curtis Mayfield.

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