I mean to post daily, or at least open up the blog once a day, if not to write then to clean up around here – that book on Portugal? I read that before we went to Portugal, in August. Since then I’ve read Old Man’s War, Dracula, Pereira Maintains, and Portnoy’s Complaint, so I should definitely update my book page. And read more books. Gah, there are So Many Books! Must read all the books!

In other news, I have a job interview on Monday in Munich, so I’m flying down on Friday to spend the weekend with the Sniglet, then go to the job interview and fly back. Did you know the Sniglet came up to visit? No, because I don’t keep up with the dang blog! But he did, we drove down for his birthday, which was on a Friday which (timing WIN!) was the last day of school before the All Saints’ Day school vacation week that the Catholic states get, so we drove back up with him and he spend the week here and we watched ALL of the first SIX Star Trek movies – yes, even the first one – yes, even the fifth one! We are hardcore Trekkies, y’all. And lo, it was awesome.

We also went to Rotterdam and did a harbor tour, and I took pictures, which is essentially why I haven’t blogged, probably – because the next entry was supposed to be about that, and I haven’t been in the mood to crop and post and caption a bunch of pictures. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Along with all the other stuff I have to wrap up, because I’m suddenly flying to Munich on Friday.

Song du jour of the day: Singapore, by Tom Waits


One response to “Flibbertigibbet

  • alala

    I need to clarify that “Lo, it was awesome” does not in any way refer to Star Trek V, but to the watching of six Star Trek movies in one week, with my kid. THAT was awesome.

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