Daily Archives: 17 September 2012

not feeling cheerful, so let’s keep this brief.

I should be happy enough, all my problems are first-world problems, and I will realize this and cheer up any minute now, but I’m just back from a long weekend at the in-laws’, and seeing the Sniglet was really super, but now I’m gone and he’s still there and I miss him so much my heart hurts.

He says the lessons are okay, but he doesn’t like the boarding part of boarding school, the room is cold and lights-out is earlier than he’s used to so there’s a lot of alone-time, which is difficult at first.  Drat, sigh, rats. I’ve reminded him that transitions are difficult and our feelings about things can change over time, and give it a chance and all that, and I know this is true, but right now it’s as hard for me to say as it is for him to hear. I knew settling into boarding school was going to be tough for him, but I hate that I’m so far away while he goes through this.

Argh. No song du jour of the day. Music sucks. So does everything else. Grump.