And then nothing happened

SO I lost my job. And I did some poking around, applied for something fabulous at Lego and have not heard back which is a bummer but there you go, and then I thought you know, I’m going to Portugal for a week and a bit, maybe I should just relax and resume the job search when I get back.

And it was a very nice holiday, but on the day we returned, I sprang a migraine, so the trip was followed by three days in a darkened room – well, two and a half. And half a day of hopping around like a flea on a griddle because I felt so GREAT! Because I was PAIN FREE! And YAY! And then the next day I sprang another migraine. 

It wasn’t so bad because this time the meds worked, but the meds, while better than three days of throbbing head pain, still make me dizzy and strange and better off not operating heavy machinery. Plus I was seriously spooked, so I spent the next several days tiptoeing around (metaphorically), trying not to wake the Headache Monster.

So as you can imagine, after three weeks of involuntary unemployment, a week of vacation, and a week of sick/trying not to get sick, I am well used to not doing anything. Including blogging, sorry about that. But jeepers, just dragging the pictures off our phones, cropping and resizing and uploading them to Facebook and tagging and locating and captioning them all really feels like a lot of work. And WordPress is a freaking pain re pictures (the GIANT streetcars thing? I uploaded that using the WP app on my phone), so I’m thinking of making you go over to Facebook to look at the pictures.

Maybe I’ll think differently about it tomorrow. I spoke Dutch all day today, and my brain is tired.

Song du jour of the day: Read My Mind, by the Killers.

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