In which I am alone. And it is weird.

The Sniglet’s in the Willage with his grandparents, for reasons stated elsewhere.

Ignatz is in Prague with his godfather, for reasons of touristy vacation fabulousness which he will totally not appreciate it should be ME in Prague, dammit! Except I’d be hanging out with the godfather, and um, no. We try to be civil, but we will never be BFFs.

And DrBob is in Portugal, learning Portuguese. Because he’s a professor of Latin American Literature, and it turns out, there are parts of Latin America where Spanish isn’t spoken! Some obscure little corner called, um, Zabil? Bizzle? Whatever. He’s been saying “Gah! I should learn Portuguese!” for oh, about ten years now, which means that I’ve been saying “You know, if you’d started studying it back when you started complaining about not knowing it, you’d be fluent by now” for about five years. I guess he got tired of hearing me say the same thing over and over. (I have no idea what that would be like…)

Oh, and Lilu? Well, it’s summer so she spends all her time outside, except once a day when she comes in to take a very noisy bath, or curl up on my lap for a long snooze just when I’m thinking that I kind of have to pee.

All of this means that I have the house to myself, which yay! Clean, swoosh, declutter, organize! But also I have no routine and no job to go to and no clear sense of what day it is, and by the time DrBob had been gone for three hours I was talking to myself in my normal tone of voice instead of my usual whisper-mumble. At this point I’m probably shouting to myself in another room, “HEY, COULD YOU COME HERE FOR A SEC – whoa, that was quick,” but I wouldn’t know, since I have no one to feed back on what constitutes normal behavior.

I’ll be joining him in Lisbon on Thursday night. Let’s hope I’m not permanently psychologically altered by then. I’ll try to take pictures, and even try to post them! But I still have the photos I took when we went to Würzburg for our anniversary last month, and you haven’t seen those yet, so, you know. Set your expectations accordingly.

Song du jour of the day: I’m bringing back a recent choice, because I found a much better video for it, one that fills my little heart with all kinds of geek squee: Starships, music by Nikki Minaj, video by my new hero, Bironic. (Ahem. The password is “starships”, no quotes.)

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