I’m sorry, did you say “Boarding School”?

Well, er, yes. Yes I did.

Of course, DrBob called the Dorfen school first, because it’s across the street from our house, and they immediately said no. Because they’re douchewagons, something we kind of already knew. So then he found a couple of the middle-level schools (here’s a description of the system by the Bavarian Ministry of Education, if you’re confused) in other towns (so, school bus, yuck), and they seemed welcoming enough, but we felt a little bit meh about them. Then we went to dinner at some friends’ house and they recommended (ulp) this boarding school south of Munich.

Well. The She of the family is a lovely, lovely woman and a good friend, but she is also a total hovermom who would be on serious medication for her panic disorder if she weren’t in Germany, so if she was able to consider this place for her kid, it must be pretty nurtury and unthreatening. And the He of the family is a colleague of DrBob’s, and wouldn’t even have looked at this place if it wasn’t academically sound. So it must be good, right, because they have way higher standards than we do. And we visited it, and it’s really quite spiffy and located in the super-‘spensive southern suburb-type willages of Bavaria;  people move there because Munich is just too affordable. It’s in a beautiful setting and the people seemed serious and concerned and capable, and we talked fast enough to convince them to give the Snig a shot.

Because here’s the thing. When the Oompas agreed to kennel him until we could move down there, Oma made all the right noises about being the grown-up and making him eat vegetables and do his homework (nobody has any hope for Opa, so we didn’t even ask) but when we were there everybody fell into the same old patterns.

Moreover, Opa is getting older, and Oma was in the hospital right before we went down to visit. They didn’t fix whatever was wrong, she just got bored and checked herself out, so um. Even though they assured us the Snig could live with them, no problem, in practice, well… we have concerns. And in fact when we floated the boarding school idea they did seem to seize on it with something like relief.

And here’s the other thing. I cannot make my kids do homework, I just can’t. They always find some way to weasel out of it. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. It’s time to try something else, and this school will assign homework and the person who supervises will know what’s been assigned and will make sure the kids have the time to get the work done and if he forgets his assignment book he can just go to his room and get it and no weaselling will be allowed.

And, here’s another thing: there was a boarding school for Ignatzes, back when we were in Germany and Ignatz was… being all ADHD. And we didn’t send him there because I wasn’t ready to miss my kid so much. I figured we’d just muddle through somehow, and that was a mistake. He is not doing well by any rational assessment, and if there’s a way to prevent the Sniglet from going down that road, then we have to try it.

So, yeah. I’m trying to convince the Sniglet that it’s just like Hogwarts? Only without, you know, giant snakes in the pipes and evil notebooks.

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