Daily Archives: 17 December 2011

it gets better

On Wednesday the nurse said the gynecologist would call us the next morning, so at 10:30 I called her and said “he hasn’t called, you said he’d call, WHY HASN’T HE CALLED?” She assured me that DrBob’s number was on his to-do list, and DrBob headed off to work with his celephone. He called me a few hours later to say that I could go in on Monday and the doctor (the same gynecologist I’d already seen – that doesn’t happen often, I don’t think) would do an endoscopy (fancy talk for “a look around in there”), remove any polyps, and put in an IUD that should inhibit further polyp growth for at least a few weeks, and then we could schedule the ablation for next year. (Actually, while he was telling me this, the hospital called and told me the same thing. Good thing we have a lot of phones.) Continue reading