it gets worse

Right, now that I’ve started this, I should keep it up, eh? So I finally got to see a gynecologist on Tuesday in Zeist, and he was very nice and agreeable so I decided not to open up the can of whoopass I’d brought along. First mistake, I guess. Anyway, I had my first-ever water ultrasound! Um, I do not recommend it, it leaves one feeling distinctly… leaky.

BUT you can see more in a water ultrasound, and what the doc saw was more polyps. He said they can grow back. I thought, “in a month?” but did not say so. Second mistake, perhaps. Anyway, his suggestion was to remove the polyps and then do an endometrial ablation, or NovaSure – burning away the endometrium. I told him about my travel plans, and he noted something in my file and then… passed me over to another bureaucrat! Because that’s what happens here: you just get referred from person to person, and nobody ever does anything. When DrBob came to pick me up we talked to everyone we could get to look at us, emphasizing the fact that we’re flying to Seattle on the 23rd, so it needs to happen before then.

So this morning Janneke from operation-planning calls me up and offers me an appointment on the 23rd! And is all surprised when I object. And I just lost it, really. I’ve been nice, I’ve been good, I’ve been smiley and understanding and cooperative as I was passed from person to person and postponed and delayed and ignored and forgotten, but this is way past unacceptable.

So we went back out to Zeist to talk to the gynecologist again, but he wasn’t there, he was in Utrecht. DrBob asked the nurse to ask the gynecologist to call him tomorrow, so we’ll see if that happens. Meanwhile, I’ve done some googling and found out that NovaSure is a 5-minute procedure that could have been done in the time it took him to do the water ultrasound. If he didn’t have to put ten layers of bureaucracy between himself and any potentially useful action.

Argh. Instead of a song du jour of the day, howbout a quick video on endometrial ablation? Don’t worry, it’s not too icky.

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