Arg. Bleh.

It seems I can do One Thing per day. Friday I did the shopping and made dinner, which sounds like two things but they’re so closely related that they only count as one. It worked. I felt triumphant, and totally let it go to my head.

On Saturday, I took the Sniglet to Taekwondo and sat dozing in a chair for 40 minutes before taking him home. THEN I got a wild hair and went to knitting – that’s right, I sat at a table in a cafe and knitted with other people. I know, crazy, right? Must have been, because immediately afterward I went home and slept for five hours.

On Sunday I did nothing. At all. Seriously, my major exertion of the day was phoning for pizza. And at the end of the day I felt almost normal! Which must be why I thought I could go to work today. That? Was a Very Bad Idea. Now I’ve gone and volunteered to go shopping and cook dinner again, which clearly shows that I am insane. But I said it, so I’m going to do it. Any minute now. Really. Aaaaaany minute… now…

Song du jour of the day: Imitation of Life, by R.E.M. All those people, doing things. It’s kind of amazing.

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