(ahem) Yay!

I stayed up till 2 a.m. to watch this with DrBob… well it’s more accurate to say that he stayed up to watch it with me, but whatever. Fun was had.

Song du jour of the day is here, but please replace the chorus with the following lyrics:

We beat the champions,
WEEEE beat the chaaaampions,
Yoooooou called us looooooooosers
But we beat the champions…

One response to “(ahem) Yay!

  • amy

    Oh my god that run was AMAZING. I’m so glad I saw it live–it was on at 4:30 pm here and in between making dinner and eating dinner and getting the toddler into bed and finishing my son’s promised pajama pants by the time he was out of the shower… but I saw The Run live, and then on replay, and then again on highlights, and we think some channel should show it on a loop for the next week.

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