i keep doing that thing

… that thing I do, where I have forty skillion things to blog about, but I want my blog posts to be about one thing (each) so then when I sit down to type I get an idea logjam.

So, you know. What do you want to hear about? My job? My first international knitting field trip, that ended with me eating Chinese food on a sidewalk and falling into a hole? Ignatz’s new hobby? Parent-school (gag me)?” My recent whirlwind trip to Paris, or the upcoming, even whirlwindier trip to London? This problem is compounded by the fact that almost everyone who reads this is a Facebook friend, so you probably already heard most of these stories via status update, and I don’t want to bore people.

That’s mainly it: I don’t want to bore people. And now I will blatantly contradict this and tell you about my job.

I work for HTC. I’m physically located at the Benelux office in Utrecht, but my job title has EMEA in it (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and I now see why my brother never talks about work; my job is fairly interesting to do, but not to describe: I co-ordinate. So I sit in an office and go to meetings and write a lot of emails and make a lot of phone calls and excel files and flowcharts, which probably sounds fairly nightmarish to most people but I’m just so happy to be out of the house. Thrilled to be useful. Over the moon to be earning a real paycheck. And my co-workers are all really nice and there seem to be no weird office politics and I’m really happy with this job.

See? Yawn.

Song du jour of the day: Re: Your Brains, by Jonathan Coulton.


5 responses to “i keep doing that thing

  • Jack

    I can’t find you on Facebook. Mary and I would rather read stuff on your blog rather than Facebook.

  • Nate

    cool! I have an HTC phone! (G1) Of course, if you’re in the “phone naming” department I’ll be highly disappointed, but your job sounds like most jobs these days. I sometimes tell people I push buttons on a machine like George Jetson, and in return I get an unholy-sized pellet every two weeks.

    can’t wait for the blog entries about work politics and TPS reports to start coming in. : )

  • amy

    sometimes I fantasize about having a job, mainly so I could pee in peace (one would think, anyway), so I don’t think jobs are boring. On the other hand, my favorite job by far was the one where I telecommuted and had no co-workers I had to deal with in person, so the job thing is *really* only a fantasy.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Yay!!!! So happy for you! And damned you for not working for Nokia…but I would take a free HTC any day. :-p

  • Laume

    Hi – don’t know if you’ll remember me but I remember you and your lovely ramblings and I miss you – only Facebook has eaten me up and my blog has cobwebs and….. sigh. My blog remembering service (Bloglines) is about to go kaput so I’m cleaning out and trying to save folks I care about to new places. If you’d like to be friends on Facebook, I’m Laume Zekas.

    Can your oldest really be 15 already!?!

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