That is, back from Spain. Back in Jagenau. Not back home in Utrecht yet.

We spent a week in Nerja, on the south coast. A week in Andalucia in July is very very hot and bright. We stayed here and it was really nice, a whole house just to live in and hide in during the really hot part of the day. And there were flowers everywhere.

We visited some nearby caves and of course we went to Granada. You have to go to Granada. Ig was reasonably enchanted with Spanish food, I think. Snig, not so much, which is weird: he basically lives for sandwiches, and what they mostly eat is bocadillos, bread with meat or cheese or both on – in a word, sandwiches. But for some reason he wasn’t as keen on them when they were Spanish.

Anyway, other than that, we mainly went to the beach. DrBob and the kids splashed around, I cowered in the shade. I did splash around some on the next-to-last day, spent maybe 30 minutes out in the sun, and picked up a nice dose of prickly heat. So then I went back to cowering.

Oh, and I read The Story of Spain, by Mark Williams. I have a reservation or two, but it was a good holiday-in-Spain book overall.

Song du jour of the day? Arg. I am musicless. My iPod Shuffle is loaded up with podcasts for knitting to, and in the rental car we listened to Spanish talk radio.

2 responses to “half-back

  • amy

    Welcome back! (Sort of.) That does look like a beautiful place!

  • jonna

    Your resort looks like something one would consider on the next trip to Andalucia ;-) Oh,, Granada, and especially Alhambra, is fantastic!

    But you should try Cordoba and the Mesquita too, though Alhambra is more magical. Although it’s possibly hotter in Cordoba than in Nerja (we had a high of 48 degrees c)

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