another reason to heart the schools here… sort of

HUGE DRAMATIC SIGH. Apparently I have two of them: two offspring who think that homework is for lesser mortals, and so they just don’t do it. I had rather hoped the Sniglet would have a little more ambition than his big brother, but no. I had rather hoped they would not bring this less-charming aspect of their personalities to the Netherlands with them, but forsooth.

One thing has changed, however. In Germany I used to get stern and sniffy notes from their teachers with throat-punchingly patronizing advice like “please talk to him.” Oh yeah, that’ll work. In the Netherlands, the teachers seem to think that a problem at school should be dealt with… at school! Revolutionary! Except not, because that’s how it was when I was growing up in the States, which is why I don’t know how to be the interfery mama that the teachers (and therapists, and a certain husband) in Germany seemed to expect.

So if (when) Ignatz is late to school, he has to go 15 minutes early the next day. Bit of a PITA for me because I have to get up, but whatever. I can deal. The Sniglet has not been doing his Spelling homework. Like, ever, says his spelling teacher. So now, he doesn’t get to do it at home, he gets to stay at school and finish it every Monday and Wednesday, and she’ll call me when it’s time to fetch him. And lo, it was awesome.

Except that today he actually got his work done in time, and didn’t need to stay late, and she forgot to call me. So he had to make his way home alone. A 9-year-old, on a bike, through three different busy streets full of whippy Dutch traffic…

Ack. Um. Hang on , let me just go find a paper bag to scream into…

One response to “another reason to heart the schools here… sort of

  • Breigh

    It’s interesting to hear the differences between the school systems here in NL and in Germany. I suspect she didn’t mind letting him go as kids tend to bike / bus / tram / train all over the damn place on their own here it seems. I often see kids on my travels and think ‘where are your parents?!’. Glad he made it home safe!

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