and we liked it that way!

I had one of Those Dads: whenever we complained about something he’d whip out the “when I was your age” speech about how he had to walk to school barefoot every day of the year in waist-high snow uphill both ways.

Apparent non-sequitur: I had a bike in Germany, but didn’t ride it much because both of the houses we lived in were on fairly steep hills, so every journey began with a hair-raising downhill screech, and ended with me huffing and puffing and pushing the bike up the hill, meh. I was really keen on moving here where it’s all flat and bike riding is easy.

It is flat, but it’s hella windy, so there might as well be hills, you’re still huffing and puffing and heaving away sometimes. But unlike hills, the wind changes direction, so it really is possible for a trip to be uphill both ways (or downhill both ways, though I have never personally experienced that).

Dad would’ve gotten a kick out of that. But I can’t tell him, so I’m telling you.

For the song du jour of the day, it’s time again for Eurovision squee! Not sure what my dad would’ve thought of Eurovision, but I bet he would’ve loved the Russian contestant: It’s Peter Nalitch! I already linked to his um, rather eccentric song Guitar in another SDJOTD. That went viral (not because of me, of course), and then Russia decided he was their best possible representative. Huh. Lost and Forgotten, by Peter Nalitch. It does show that Russians have a sense of humor, something that was not apparent in previous Eurovision entries.

2 responses to “and we liked it that way!

  • Breigh

    Ok so I wasn’t imagining thing when my 20kms the other day was into the wind the entire time? I was going to complain about it but I thought no I was just tired and it felt that way. I love getting out on my bike but sometimes I have to push so hard to bike into the wind, and my round body is not very aerodynamic! I’m so glad you wrote this because I was starting to think I was crazy when I thought the wind here seemed to be blowing towards me no matter what way I am going!

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